1(11)/2002, p. 129

Bogusław Wowrzeczka
Contemporary models of technological Parks – Great Britain

    Technological parks originated in the fifties of the 20th century, in the USA, as a venture of enterprising scientists. They observed that a close association of academic institutions with a firm gives definite advantages resulting from the application of new scientific discoveries and engagement of highly specialized employees.
    Despite many initiatives undertaken in Poland during the last 10 years, with the aim of creating a technological park, not one, of world standard, is functioning. The subject under consideration is the definition of programme standards and spatial standards of contemporary technological parks. The difficulty of the assignment results from the large differentiation of the types of technological parks functioning at present.
    The analysis of British examples gives us interesting observations: various organizational and spatial forms of technological parks coexist in particular territories, supplementing each other and answering to specified economic needs of the area. The symbiosis of various park models on common territory conforms to the thesis that it is not necessary to create only one type of park which contains all the others (the so-called “Intelligent Park”) but, that they may exist and act as separate forms of a spatial organization of advanced technology areas.