2(12)/2002, p. 105

Romuald Pustelnik
Spatial management directions with reference to flood control, exemplified by the commune of Kłodzko

    After the Second World War, flood control has not always played an essential role in Polish spatial planning. The great flood of 1997 and another one in 1998, resulted in the fact that spatial planners, architects and town-planners, were put under the obligation to take notice of flood control, in order to protect objects and their users.
    In the Kotlina Kłodzka the intensity of afforestation has decreased; the dying out of forests and excessive exploitation of wood caused a deterioration of flood control safety. The liquidation of the largest of small storage reservoirs, connected by a system of canals, also increased the strength of the disaster.
    Building localization, in the area of flood-lands, was a successive cause of great losses.
    In order to counteract flooding, a complex spatial management has been activated, based on determining the hierarchy of strategic aims and creating foundations of investment policy.