2(12)/2002, p. 25

Dariusz Galewski
Baroque transformations of the church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary in Kłodzko. Selected aspects in the context of the latest research

    The article presents the current state of knowledge on Baroque transformations of the Jesuit church in Kłodzko. This has been based on the hitherto existing literature on this subject, including drawings, which were discovered a few years ago. Since the end of the Second World War, the latter have been preserved in the Archive of the Southern Poland Province of the Jesus Society in Cracow.
    The drawings date from mid-17th century and the first half of the 18th century. They concern the reconstruction of the nave and the new organ prospect. Until the present, they have been the only works of this kind, which refer to achievements coming from this area of Silesia. Also, they are probably one of the few such works existing in Central Europe, which additionally emphasizes their value.Besides, in the case of the organ prospect, it has been endeavoured to specify its original decoration so as to corroborate its author – Michael Klahr.
    The author of the article makes reference to former conclusions drawn by Polish and German researchers, specifying some of the existing findings. This article is an introduction to the vast, so far, on a large scale unspoken issue of the Baroque transformations of Gothic churches in the Silesia region and the former Kłodzko County.