2(12)/2002, p. 31

Regina Maga-Jagielnicka
The church of St Joseph in Krzeszów. Part II

    Compiling of the more important events in the history of building and renovation of the church in Krzeszów demonstrates the circumstances of building and preservation works carried out to the present. Numerous expert appraisements and surveys were made, with reference to the historic and architectonic value of the object, the state of its construction, hydrological and geologic conditions in the area of localization of the church, and also the thermal and humidity conditions observed in the interior. The registration of the technical and aesthetic state of the church demonstrated the dangers threatening the exposition of frescoes of Michael Willmann. The state of the church elevation has been illustrated by presenting the characterization of the facade, as being the richest in decorative composition. Chosen architectonic and sculpture details have been presented in the form of reconstruction drawings and photographs registering their state in 1981.