1-2(13-14/)2003, p. 111

Ada Kwiatkowska
Participation of users in housing design

    Participation of users in housing design has become a key-notion in solving the problems of alienation of people in housing environment (dreams created and occupied by the advertisement world, dictate of social status patterns and cultural media, etc) and alienation of architects in the housing design process (sale of illusions and architectural styles, anesthetizing of designing, fragmentation of knowledge, etc). Most of the possible relations between the architect and the user, i.e. active forms of participation, have already been described and examined in different projects and activities. But the last decade of the 20th century brings another meaning of participation and its different forms, the so-called forms of interactive participation.   
    The following active forms of participation have been distinguished: design on offer, advocate, symmetry of ignorance, modeling and free plan, and interactive forms of participation in housing design: operational free plan, simulation games, strategy of scenarios and interactive architectural forms. Fundamental differences between active and interactive forms of participation of users in housing architecture de-signing have been pointed out and defined.