1-2(13-14)/2003, p. 41

Nicolaus Heutger
The Dominicans in Lower Saxony

    As the legend proclaims, the first Dominicans arrived in Lower Saxony from Hildesheim in 1217, however in some source references the year 1231 is mentioned, when the Dominicans lived outside the south town wall of Hildesheim by the Brühlem. The building of the monastic church probably began in the 13th century. Relics from that time, in the form of a portal, were discovered in the west facade of the church in 1945. The present monastic sanctuary, under the invocation of St Paul, was constructed from the beginning of the 15th century up to about 1480. A hall-like three-aisled church was erected at that time with a magnificent choir of a three-sided ending. In the years 1550–1810 the sanctuary was an Evangelical church and from the year 1869, the municipal assembly hall. It was consumed by fire in 1945 and twelve years later, in 1957, the municipal authorities allowed the huge ruins to be pulled down and at the same time gave instructions for exploratory excavations to be carried out. In place of the church aisles a two-tiered nursing home for old people was built in 1980–1981.
    A successive Dominican monastic house in Lower Saxony, in Norden, was founded by the local knights in 1264. Building of the monastery ended in 1269 and its relics were discovered during excavations. In 1294 Prince Albrecht II, called the Fat, allowed the Domi-nicans to found a monastery in Göttingen. It was built from 1294 to 1331. The monastic church is a three-aisled hall with a long choir of a polygonal ending. In the 19th and 20th centuries the university library was housed in the monastic church, the books were moved out in 1992.
    In 1294 Prince Albrecht II gave his permission for the Dominicans to found a seat in Brunswick, simultaneously with the monastery in Göttingen, but the municipal counsel agreed to the building of the monastery in 1319. The polyganally ending church choir began to be erected in 1319 and was concecrated in 1343. The Dominican monastery in Brunswick has not preserved to the present times. It was demolished in the years 1902–1903.
    The Dominican monastery of the Holy Cross was founded in 1295 in Osnabrück. The long presbytery of the church with a polygonal ending was concecrated in 1297, while the present cruciform body was raised in the first half of the 15th century. The monastic buildings were constructed of broken stone, north of the church. Since 1893 this building is no longer a monastic sanctuary. The church furnishings dispersed and at present the interior is used for the organization of concerts and expositions.