2(16)/2004, p. 37

Renata Gubańska
Present-day representation of  palace, mansion and grange complexes according to selected examples located in Nizina Wrocławska

    A relatively large variety of types and forms of development and functional (spatial) arrangements have been observed during research works carried out in the years 1995-2000. This is, however, closely related to the past glamour of grange complexes when one landowner had charge of the whole complex. The situation, having been under­going modifications over long years, has been discussed in detail in the main body of the paper for selected examples of Mańczyce, Brze­zinka Średzka and Kadłub.
    Though for an overwhelming number of palace, mansion and grange complexes their lime of splendour ended after 1945, il is en­couraging that examples of their positive use and development may also be encountered. What remains is lo hope that in the nearest future more and more grange arrangements will find new owners or tenants who prove lo be worthy of their splendid past.