Ernest Niemczyk
The island motif in Hadrian’s villa in Tibur (Tivoli). Model of the world and the soul of a stoic3
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Edmund Małachowicz
The royal and grandducal castle in Wilno
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Wanda Kononowicz
Between tradition and modernity. A contribution to thedevelopment of rational forms of habitation buildings in Wrocław in the years of 1874–193019
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Hanna Kozaczewska-Golasz
Geometric principles of shaping13th century portals
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Eleonora Gonda-Soroczyńska
Planning systems in some countries of the European Union compared to the system obligatory in Poland43
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Łukasz Damurski
Bradford (United Kingdom). Regeneration of the city
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Barbara Pierścionek-Wolbach
An outline of the building history of the former Dominican monastery in Ząbkowice Śląskie67
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Małgorzata Zając
Cultural aspects of the housing estate entrance zones
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Alena Kononowicz
The history of Wrocław’s Psie Pole, and Psie Pole in the opinion of its inhabitants85
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Magdalena Baborska-Narożny
Music as a source of architecture harmony
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Witold Szymański
On a certain transformation of perspective onto a vertical background into perspective onto a slanting background107
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In a concrete cube – inside or outside? Rakowiec housing estate in Wrocław115

Jerzy Olek
It is possible that it is possible

Activity of the Polish Committee of the Monument Protection Council (ICOMOS) in the years 2003–2005131

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