2(20)/2006, p. 69

Ewa Cisek
Touching the ground – the sensual architecture of Lars Spuybroek

    The reception of sensual architecture together with the development of high-technology and use of the computer in the design process has been transformed in the last ten years. Its effect is the appearance of a different concept of space and perception of the environment. The architectural object, the environment and the inhabitant are perceived as a functional, dynamic unity – perceptional quality. The designed form becomes an object in the same degree as its user – it constitutes a spatial frame for human activity with its own programmed flexibility and intelligence. The architectural space is perceived as a dynamic interactive system characterized with its own art, an openness to interactions with other systems (also with man) as well as an exchange of material and energy with the environment. The ideas of cyberspace are clearly seen in the designs of the Dutch architect Lars Spuybroek and the NOX group. Their definition of the architectural form is as follows: „the synthesis of information, geometry and human activity”. Lars Spuybroek uses the term „media machine” for the understanding of the kinetic and energetic model of a space. The most interesting projects of Lars Spuybroek are the following: Son–O–House – interactive sound architecture in Ekkersrijt, Eindhoven (2004), Off The Road 5 Speed – non standard prefabricated housing in Eindhoven (1999), D–Tower – sensual architecture in Doetinchem (2004), La Tana di Alice – interactive Pavilion in Colodi (2005), H2O Expo – permanent pavilion and interactive installation in Neeltje Jans (1997) and Machine of Vision in Nantes (2000).