2(20)/2006, p. 89

Witold Szymański, Henryk D±browski
Pneumatic spatial structures

   The paper presents investigations and a theoretical elaboration of the resistance and rigidity of flat pneumatic elements allowing their speedy assembling to be applied in light constructions of dwelling objects.
    The obtained theoretical and experimental parameters of these elements allow working out spatial configurations of pneumatic structures. Especially the following have been elaborated and carried out:
– theoretical estimation of carrying capacity and stiffness of chosen pneumatic elements depending on their size, inner pressure, conditions of fastening and support,
– experimental verification of the results obtained.
    The work presented has a reconnaissance character and constitutes the basis for designing and initiating original technical, constructional and architectonic solutions in the application of spatial pneumatic structures in the housing system.
    It should be mentioned that in the known literature on the subject there are no theoretical bases for designing such structures, whose fundamental construction element is a flat pneumatic element. For the present such constructions have not been used in building.
    The example of the solution of spatial housing structure has been patented under the name “Obiekt mieszkalny” (“Dwelling object”), (patent no. 203966, from 18.04.1988).