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Andrzej Białkiewicz
The role and influence of Pauline architecture
on non-architects
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Monika Bogdanowska
The drawn landscape – a permanent record of the historic cultural landscape on the impermanent carrier – the Sketchbooks by Janusz Bogdanowski11
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Małgorzata Doroz-Turek
Monastic architecture in culture – monastic design as a specific type of ecclesiastical architecture exemplified by the monasteries of the order of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine in Silesia19
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Renata Gubańska
Towers – the element of Jutrosin’s spatial composition (Greater Poland Province)29
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Oleksandra Kulynska
Sculptural décor of façades of Lviv tenement houses of the Renaissance period (on the example of Scholtz- Wolfowitz tenement house No. 23 in Market Square in the city of Lviv)37
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Svitlana Linda
Historicism in the architecture of Lviv:
tendency across centuries
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Olga Mykhaylyshyn
Architectural heritage protection in Volyn in 1920–1930 as a source of cultural and national identity53
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Agata Rusnak-Kozłowska
Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Lübeck as an architectonic expression of Hanseatic culture59
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Jacek Suchodolski
Inspirations with regional architecture form
in the Sudetes landscape
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Present-day issues
Anna Bazan-Krzywoszańska, Marta Skiba
Culture of village public spaces – exemplified by the commune of Krotoszyce77
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Krzysztof Bizio
Pop culture as an inspiration in the modern architecture.
Chosen issues
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Elżbieta Czekiel-Świtalska
Identity of place and culture
of urban development
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Dorota Janisio-Pawłowska
Place and time – new forms of sacral architecture (examples of chosen structures from Western Pomerania – as a determinant of new cultural norms)95
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Justyna Kleszcz
Designing not only for human. Animal in architecture as a determinant of the humanitarian education standard101
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Elżbieta Komarzyńska-Świeściak
Crossing boundaries. New contexts for architecture in the face of exponential urbanism105
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Ewa Łapa
Modern architecture around historic monuments. Transformations of architectural space in Cracow111
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Robert Masztalski, Paweł Pach
Transformations of urban and architectural space of the market square in Leszno at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries119
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Robert Mazur
Ecological and energy efficient architecture as a new trend in the architectural culture127
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Teresa Mromlińska, Anita Luniak
Modernization and development of the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź133
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Adam Nadolny
Architectural remedy for love. City and architecture in polish films of the 1960s139
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Marek Ostrowski
Why photograph architecture? From architectural photography to visualization145
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Katarzyna Pałubska
Sustainable spatial policies in managing
high-value cultural areas
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Wojciech Pawłowski
Role of architect in creation of 'culture in architecture' and new spatial forms in cultural landscape of suburban areas and rural settlement units on the territory of Western Pomerania153
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Elżbieta Przesmycka
Architecture of industrial complexes of the Central Industrial Region (COP) in south-east Poland159
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Elżbieta Przesmycka, Małgorzata Sosnowska
Housing estates and culture of architecture
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Małgorzata Rogińska-Niesłuchowska
Architecture of the contemporary museum as the art of transmission of material and spiritual cultural values179
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Marta Rusnak
Revitalisation without revolution. Initial adaptation of post-industrial buildings for artistic purposes183
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Jan Słyk
Antitectonics – architecture for information society
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Małgorzata Solska
Holism as a determinant of culture in architecture
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Tomasz Stępień
Spatial turn. Transcultural and transdisciplinar spaces in the architecture203
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Karolina Tulkowska
Individualism and background architecture. Education dilemmas in the days of breakthrough209
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Barbara Widera
At the senses’ edge. Multisensual architecture
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Jacek Wiszniowski
Sustainable space development
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Małgorzata Włodarczyk
Culture or tact in architecture?
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Grzegorz Wojtkun
The culture of architectural design – the ideological basis of modern architecture229
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Małgorzata Wołodźko
Garden architecture in contemporary Japanese
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Maria J. Żychowska
'High' architecture
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Civil engineering and building technic
Oksana Kinash
Peculiarities of ventilating of the Lviv Opera Hall
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Roman Kinash, Tadeusz Kamisiński, Adam Pilch, Jarosław Rubacha
Acoustic aspects of the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet auditory usage249
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Maciej Kowaluk
Construction quality of architecture
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Hubert Mełges, Małgorzata Mełges
The principle of building processes staging during the renovation of church towers and the exchange of a roof framing in neo-Gothic St. Martin Church in Krzeszowice259
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Małgorzata Mełges, Hubert Mełges
Research method in recognizing the causes and level of destruction of the roof construction in the neo-Gothic 19th century St. Martin’s Church in Krzeszowice designed by Karol Fryderyk Schinkel265
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Educational issues
Anetta Kępczyńska-Walczak, Bartosz M. Walczak
Contemporary architectural practice – a challenge for educational process271
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Halina Łapińska
Culture and education – how to teach non-architects about architecture – report from the workshop in the rural area of the Białowieża Forest277
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Ewa Łukaszewicz-Jędrzejewska
Architecture in painting – in search of third dimension283
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Barbara Misztal
Domes in architecture289
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