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Elżbieta Trocka-Leszczyńska, Grażyna Hryncewicz-Lamber
Ethics in architectural practice…3
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Konrad Kucza-Kuczyński
Dilemmas of teaching professional ethics in the times of architecture of liquid modernity…5
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Paweł Jabłoński
What a lecturer of ethics can lecture about? On the margins of Zygmunt Bauman’s reading
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Przemysław Kaczmarek
Two manners of understanding of the code ethics concept in the light of Leszek Kołakowski’s consideration…11
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Tomasz Taczewski
Architecture of life
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Regina Maga-Jagielnicka
Axiology of space as a base of reflection on attitudes in the architect’s profession…19
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Jan Wadowski
Architecture – the hallmark of humanity…25
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Anna Maria Wierzbicka
Modern church architecture. Ethical and non-ethical manner of creation…29
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Andrzej Baranowski
Between aesthetics and ethics in architecture…35
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Ewa Kuryłowicz
Moral conflict as the basic fact of morality in architectural practice. An opinion against the formulation of a code of ethical principles in architecture…39
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Robert Idem
Ethical aspects of the sustainable architectural design…43
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Elżbieta D. Ryńska
Ethics in practice – a sustainable design process…47
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Anna Bronisława Frysztak
Complementarity of normative ethics and consumer ethics…51
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Barbara Widera
Idea above style. Sustainable architecture…57
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Jacek Wiszniowski
Responsibility of the architect to the local community…63
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Anna Krajewska-Ludwiczuk
Solar architecture as an ethical trend in architectural design practice…69
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Maciej Kowaluk
Public space in contemporary housing estates – attention to the common good versus maximisation of investor’s income…71
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Julian Jezioro
Copyright and ethics in architectural practice – selected issues…73
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Tomasz Stępień
Complementarity and divergences. Formation of professional ethics towards technological development…77
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Grzegorz Wojtkun
Between order and decency– between the code and abstract criteria…83
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Aleksander Furmanek
Principles of ethics and serving in the bodies of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland conducting disciplinary proceedings. Selected practical problems…87
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Ireneusz Huryk
Code of ethics – review of problems connected with codification of professional practice…93
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Krzysztof Bizio
Ethical implications of architect's new roles in postmodern times…97
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