Michał Dębek
Are assessment and emotions connected with a building conditioned by its external appearance? Attitudes towards formally differentiated architectural objects

    The article tackles psychological aspects of reception of architectural structures and significant conditions of relations man-architecture. The author is interested in assessments, emotional attitudes and declarations of behaviours towards structures that differ in appearance. The study includes a discussion of a part of research project ‘Conditions of attitudes towards architectural structures’ which was carried out by the author in the years 2007–2010. A special emphasis was placed on a synthetic discussion of a psychological basis for the perception of structures and the notion of declared attitudes towards them. Some key elements of the author’s own scheme structuralising hypothetical determinants of attitudes towards architectural structures were presented. An essential part of the article constitutes a presentation and discussion of the results of the author’s research on attitudes towards the particular architectural structures. In the final part an attempt is made to answer the following question: ‘Do such features of appearance as shape, colour and structural diversity play a decisive role in the assessment of an architectural structure?’.

Key words: attitudes towards objects, assessment of architectural objects, evaluation of buildings, environmental psychology, perception of architecture, aesthetical preferences

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