Karolina Jaklewicz
Re: WUWA by Maria Kiesner

    A series of paintings Re: WUWA constitutes a dialogue of the young generation with the classic of modernism. The author, a Warsaw artist Maria Kiesner, referred to the best sources that have ever existed in Wroc³aw, i.e. the structures of Residential Exhibition from 1929. The idea of this series is to ‘rediscover’ a modernistic thought, to draw attention to the richness of Wroclaw cultural heritage and to come back to good models. Re: WUWA is the homage paid to innovative solutions from the past. As opposed to the previous paintings, in which monumental depictions of architecture dominated, the Wroc³aw series is characterised by the intimate atmosphere of the composition. From an objective observer’s and documentary writer’s view, Kiesner moves on towards a subjective relation with architecture. A distance disappears. Wide panoramas give way to portraits of houses. Kiesner observes buildings at close range, presents fragments of forms, peers inside. On the basis of archival photographs she composes forgotten views of WUWA Estate, pays homage to innovative architectural solutions and brings to mind the authors of the design.

Key words: WUWA, painting, Kiesner

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