Barbara Misztal
The calculation of effective stiffness and elasticity modulus of different types of wood on the basis of measurements of free vibrations

    The paper presents dynamic tests of models made of pine wood, larch, and oak. The tests were conducted in order to calculate the effective stiffness Kef and Eef of the longitudinal elasticity modulus of different types of wood. The course of free vibrations of each of the models was illustrated in graphs and the differences in effective elasticity modules of softwoods and hardwoods were presented. The calculated longitudinal elasticity moduli Eef were compared with the values provided in the standard PN-B-03150:2000 Wood Constructions. The benefits of quick dynamic tests to determine and compare the qualities of wood were demonstrated. The objective results of the analysis of free vibrations regarding the qualities of wood can be used on a regular basis in designing and evaluating structures, adding to the visual capabilities of the carpenter.

Key words: dynamics, frequency of vibrations, absorption, logarithmic absorption decrement, effective stiffness, effective elasticity module

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