Mateusz Michalski, Karolina Babral, Karolina Wiatrzyk
The study of reconstruction of the bastion defensive walls of Wrocław on the example of their remains found in the area of Wolności Square

    Rescuing archaeological and architectural researches, conducted in the years 2007 to 2012 in Wrocław in Wolności Square, have created an opportunity to reflect upon the bastion fortifications’ appearance. Authors are trying to determine, basing on the available source materials, in what period the fortifications were built and discuss the characteristics of the discovered relics. These works are designed to develop a reconstruction which shows, in their opinion, the most likely bastion’s curtain wall’s appearance in two of its fragments discovered in Wolności Square and the two building phases which could be distinguished. It seemed important to show analogous bastion defensive walls within Europe as an evidence of the presented attempts of reconstruction.

Key words: fortifications, reconstruction, city walls, bast, Wrocław

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