Joanna Jabłońska, Sally Robertshaw
Architecture Vocational Learning Network. New European Project that Supports Learning, Teaching and the Transfer of Information

    This new European grouping of architecture centres, Faculties of Architecture and vocational training organisations develops closer links between vocational education and training (VET) and the world of work in the areas of urbanism, town planning, architecture, landscape architecture and other built environment professions. Through five seminars, each hosted by different partners, interspersed with regular on-line communication, the partners collaborate on: common approaches to VET for the built environment between the partners; support for graduates entering the labour market, guidance and advice on VET for secondary school teachers. This article was devoted to present field of studies, activites and actions taken by the partnership aimed at achieving aforementioned goals.

Key words: Architectural Vocational Training, Vocational Training for building proffesions, Support for Graduates on Labor Market

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