Zoriana Lukomska, Halyna Lukomska
Transformation of function – new life of the monument. Reason for the choice of function which could be used to adaptation of the architectural monument

    This research proved the possibility of adaptation of former palace complexes to a modern function that will give rise to the increase of public and investor interest in valuable historical and architectural heritage which will save such buildings from destruction. Nowadays in Western Ukraine there are more than ten palace complexes that have the status of an architecture monument. But they are in the process of destruction, because of not being properly used, and require a set of measures for their saving.
    The idea of adapting historic palace complexes to new modern functions is presented by the example of an architectural monument – the Potocki Palace (17th–18th c.) in Ivano-Frankivsk. The key benefi ts of adaptation of the palace complex to a Spa function are revealed in this article, because a hotel, recreational and health facilities, located in historical palace complexes, become increasingly more popular in the society.

Key words: adaptation of architecture monument, Spa architecture, Spa “basic module”

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