Marta Rudnicka-Bogusz
Professor Janusz Leon Dobesz – scholar and satirist

    Professor Dobesz is known for his – sometimes coarse – sense of humor and for his admiration for good caricatures. Actually, he loves to make caricatures himself. He took part in international exhibitions of satirical drawings “Satyrykon ’89” in Legnica, “IGRA” in Petersburg in 1991 or Euro-Kartoenale “Magia” in Belgium in 1993. His satirical drawings were published in “Gazeta Robotnicza”, “Panda. Wrocławski Tygodnik Miejski” or “Śmiech Europy”. That is why I hope he will be happy to learn that a satirical drawing of his figure seen through the eyes of Professor Ernest Niemczyk (p. 4) was made especially for his birthday.

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