Zygmunt Świechowski
Reconstruction of Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi (Georgia) as a contribution to the issue of reconstruction

    The article presents the reconstruction of Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi (Georgia). This cathedral was erected by King Bagrat III in 1003. It constitutes a characteristic example of the classical period of Georgian architecture at the turn of the 11th century and it is also a symbol of the establishment of the Georgian statehood. In 1692 the cathedral was blown up by the Seljuk Turks as a result of acts of war due to which the dome and vaults collapsed and the cathedral slowly deteriorated. In 1994 it was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site as a permanent ruin. In 2008 contrary to the doctrine of restoration as well as protests of the international public opinion and as a result of bold policy decisions its reconstruction began. The author, using the example of this cathedral, is against reconstructions of historic architecture.

Key words: Bagrati Cathedral, Kutaisi, reconstructions of monuments, doctrine of restoration

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