Elżbieta Grodzka
Post-Bernardine complex in Wrocław – the history of transformations and the post-war rebuilding. The 1962 project of the eastern wing as a pioneering restoration solution

    The article describes the phases of reconstruction and adaptation of the Bernardine monastery in Wrocław to the Museum of Architecture in the years 1956–1974 by Edmund Małachowicz. The paper presents a brief history of the creation of structures and a brief description of the destruction of buildings after World War II. Rebuilding of the monastery was carried out for nearly 18 years. In all of this period three phases of coming into existence of the complex were isolated. For each of these connection with current trends in the Polish conservation practice have been demonstrated and particularly interesting design solutions have been indicated. The description of each stage of the project was based on previously unpublished archival documentation.

Key words: Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, Edmund Małachowicz, Bernardine monastery, Church of St Bernard

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