Tadeusz Zipser
Prediction of states, modelling of processes and building the decision

    The paper discusses a certain section of the field of research with strong links to the practical tasks of spatial planning. Spatial planning is seen here as finding the best possible forms of structure, defined as the distribution of elements and organization of connections between them for a system that forms our current civilization. We present here a range of approaches proven in decades of activity of the Spatial Planning Department at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology emphasizing especially the quantitative techniques of simulation modelling. On the one hand, it takes into account the presence of spontaneous large-scale operating mechanisms striving for their equilibrium states. On the other hand, it seeks to analyze the process of inquiry into certain decisions taken by the user of the civilization system controlling its foundation and desiderata from their objective justification point of view and the real probability of their realization.

Key words: urbanization, concentration of settlements, modelling simulation

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