Michał Krygier
ORION model potential in research on the location of the commercial enterprises – an example of simulation research

    The main purpose of the article is to present a potential of the decision-simulation ORION model in the commercial use for supporting decisions about the detailed location of a company. In the first part of the article basic concepts of the location theory and issues in research location are discussed; the fundamental part of the article approaches the basic mechanisms, procedures and parameters contained in the ORION model, with a special emphasis on interpretation and possibilities of applications in commercial research. In the last part of the article, in reference to the cited aspects and theory, an example of a theoretical simulation research for the optimal location of a bakery is presented. The article is addressed first of all to entrepreneurs, activists, local government units, scientists as well as researchers dealing with location problems, spatial planning, economics and simulation.

Key words: location theory, the decision-simulation ORION model, simulation research, location of the company

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