Joanna Tymkiewicz, Beata Kucharczyk-Brus
Silesian School of Qualitative Research – 20 years of experience and lessons of quality research in buildings with different utility functions

    The paper consists of two parts. The first presents the achievements of the team of scientists and teachers from the Faculty of Architecture, Silesian University of Technology, who have carried out scientific and teaching work in the field of built environment qualitative research for 20 years. The origin and development of the “Silesian School of Qualitative Research” is presented, specializations and selected publishing achievements of the team, general information about the applied techniques and research tools, as well as the methodology of conducting field research. The second part of the paper is a detailed description of housing environment evaluation carried out within the framework of two research projects. The paper is completed with practical conclusions from the conducted qualitative research processes.

Key words: qualitative research, Silesian School of Qualitative Research

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