Natalia Fidorów-Kaprawy, Maria Kostka, Małgorzata Szulgowska-Zgrzywa, Krzysztof Piechurski
The energy concept of the building as a part of sustainable construction

    In the paper the issues related to the preparation of the building’s energy concept before the design stage have been discussed. It should be a regular part of the of sustainable buildings’ implementation process. Authors demonstrated the need to perform this type of concept in the context of sustainable development as well as in the context of the challenges posed for the modern construction among others in terms of energy efficiency. It has been shown that the energy concept of the building fits well into the process of integrated design, which begins to displace the traditional phased approach in force so far. The assumptions that should be made prior to developing the concept have been described. A brief description of selected building systems, applicable in the described energy concepts, have been given. Two examples of energy concepts for zero-energy single-family building, have been described. It has been proven, that a favorable energy balance can be achieved using various assumptions concerning the demand for usable energy for heating, various installation solutions and various annual operational costs.

Key words: building energy concept, sustainable construction, energy efficiency, integrated design, nearly zero-energy buildings

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