Katarzyna Nowak, Katarzyna Nowak-Dzieszko
Field measurements of the thermal quality of the building envelope – importance for developers

    The article describes the noninvasive test methods of buildings in situ: thermal imaging, airtightness tests of buildings and internal thermal comfort analysis. The results of researches conducted by the authors were presented as well as the methodology and the problems in conducting some tests allowing for the thermal assessment of buildings.
    Infrared measurements are commonly used to assess the qualitative performance of building partitions. They allow for the verification of the quality of construction work, as well as the identification of too intense heat exchange. They can be used to diagnose the causes of defects and faults in design or installation of the building. The most common method is to assess the condition of the building envelope and the detection of thermal bridges, which are the result of improper performance of connections, leaky insulation or incorrect installation of windows. Airtightness tests connected with the simultaneous detection of leaks allow for improvement of construction works. During the winter season the infrared analysis of the building envelope can be conducted.
    The results of the researches could be used to create a catalog of errors that should be avoided at the execution stage, and also tips for designers.

Key words: airtightness tests, thermal comfort, infrared tests, developer

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