1(5)/1999, p. 33

Grażyna Balińska
Incorporating little towns in the process of forming agglomerations – a chance or destruction?

    Together with the development of urban agglomerations an alarm­ing urbanistic phenomenon has been observed, which consists in in­corporation of individual little towns into huge urban complexes. As a result, towns with remarkable cultural traditions have been losing their identity. Such a situation emerged and grew in intensity especially af­ter the Second World War. This is i\lustrated in the present study by an example of two towns: Denkow, Kielce province, and Sarnowa, Great Poland. The first one became a district of Ostrowiec Swiętokrzyski, and the second was incorporated by Rawicz. 80th towns just like many others are threatened with functional and economic stagnation as well as spatial degradation. Their individual character as regards culture and space occupied can be saved only by way of taking appropriate decisions. This is an essential activity in the process of protecting his­torical little towns of Poland against irreversible destruction.