Ewa Cisek
Cosmological and animalistic motifs in architecture of the Norwegian Saami people

    Characteristic features of contemporary architecture of the Saami people, who live in the northern areas of Norway (mainly Finnmark), have been presented in the article. There are cosmological and animalistic motifs resulting from the traditional culture of this people and their close relationship with nature. A key inspiration for the newly designed objects was the way of organizing and using the area with which the community identified mentally. Two traditional structures were connected with this, namely a pointed tent called lavvo and turf hut which was built similarly to a green hill. A close connection with tradition and the area and nature resulting from the original religion is visible in horizontally conditioned layouts, their colouring as well as in details which are artistically styled in the image of common Finnmark animals.

Key words: architecture of the Norwegian Saami people, lavvo, turf hut, nature

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