Marta Rusnak, Wojciech Fikus, Joanna Szewczyk
How do observers perceive the depth of a Gothic cathedral interior along with the change of its proportions? Eye tracking survey

   The study of how people perceive an interior of a Gothic church was inspired by ideas of Juliusz Żórawski. The paper presents an attempt at verifying Żórawski’s views concerning people’s reactions to such medieval buildings. The research was carried out by means of a stationary eye tracker, which made it possible to register the movement of eyes of the participants. 142 volunteers took part in the tests. Each of them looked at five different visualizations showing the interiors of French cathedrals from the 12th and the 13th century. The images showed interiors of various height and length. The aim of the research was to determine which architectural elements make it most probable for the observers to perceive the depth of the main aisle when changes are made to the interior’s proportions. 

Key words: eye tracking, cathedral, perception of architecture

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