Barbara Widera, Jacek Kościuk, Rafał Czerner
Docent Jadwiga Sławińska – Honorary Professor of Wrocław University of Technology

   This paper presents an outline of the unusual history of the life and work of Professor Jadwiga Sławińska, from the moment of her birth in Łódź, through her dramatic escape from the ghetto and difficult fate in post-war reality, up to the outstanding success in the field of scientific and didactic achievements, related to the years that she devoted to the university work. Jadwiga Sławińska graduated in architectural and philosophical studies. She was a widely respected researcher of the history and theory of contemporary architecture as well as the creatress of a new school of architectural aesthetics practiced as a field of the theory of culture. For her students and PhD candidates she will always be a beloved teacher. The article describes the most important scientific and didactic achievements of Professor Sławińska. Personal memories about this excellent personality from the academic community were shared by students, associates and friends of Madam Sławińska.

Key words: aesthetics, contemporary architecture, philosophy, methodology, interdisciplinary

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