Maria Brykowska
Album of drawings from the history of architecture by Otton Fedak student of Lviv Polytechnic and his later professional works

   The paper is dedicated to the album of drawings made by the little known architect Otton Fedak (from Czerniowce) and his later professional works. The discovery of this album provided more information on the process of teaching the history of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at Lviv Polytechnic and attracted attention to the later design works by its author. This collection of drawings presents the works made by the student in the academic year 1926/1927 in classes of Professor J. Zubrzycki, Ph.D.
    Fedak attained his diploma in 1930/1931. In 1934, he participated in the competition for the design of the Electric Power Facility (T. Wróbel and L. Karasiński) and then he made a design for the school in Bogdanówka (1936) as well as the church in Potaszyn in Volhynia. He also participated in redesigning of the market in Lviv (1937) and in the competitions for the design of the church in Kolomyia (before 1939) as well as for the rebuilding of the Greek Catholic church of the Holy Ghost in Lviv (1942). After World War II, the Engineer of Architecture O. Fedak lived in Poland, in Oświęcim and in Myślenice. He is the author of several designs of churches in the Cracow metropolis: in Tenczyn (1947–1968), Przytkowice (1948–1953), Skomielna Czarna (1949–1960) and in Stare Żukowice (1957–1961), and in 1960–1967 he was in charge of the construction of the church in Skomielna Biała designed by W. Cęckiewicz. The works by O. Fedak fall within the “harmonious modernism” style (carefully combined forms, stone courses, simple details, traditional vaults or rebar reinforced concrete structural floors). Although the churches which were completed may not be the most excellent works, they are valuable examples of churches designed by the architect and executed in the difficult times of the Polish People’s Republic.

Key words: history of architecture, Faculty of Architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic, Otton Fedak (from Czerniowce), church, design, Cracow metropolis

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