Agata Szmitkowska
The architecture of employee holiday centres in Poland. An outline of the issues

    The aim of the article is to present Polish architecture’s output in the range of buildings serving the employees’ annual leave. Thanks to the investigation of socio-legal conditions it has been possible to present the genesis of the first objects of this type built in the interwar period, to delimit the periods of their particularly intensive popularity and finally to explain the reasons of almost definitive discontinuation of building them at the end of the 1980s. The most architecturally successful employee resort centres of the Second Polish Republic and People’s Poland have been briefly presented with taking account of an aesthetic aspect as well as a functional one. An attempt has been made to sketch the evolution of the architecture of Polish resorts under the influence of Europe-wide stylistic movements.
Key words: architecture, employee holiday centre, Modernism, Soc-modernism

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