Andrzej Ch±dzyński, Marek Piróg
Buildings with a corner timbered-framework. Thermal performance improvement of external walls and roof

    The subject of the article is thermal performance improvement of external partitions (roof and walls) of wooden buildings with a corner timbered--framework structure. This problem concerns objects which are several dozen and more years old. The article discusses the need of renovation and adapting partitions to modern requirements in the field of thermal insulation. Based on the analysis of the form of wooden buildings with a timbered structure, methods of thermal insulation of external corrugated walls, timbered walls and roof slopes have been proposed. The article presents the course of action in this process, taking into account in particular the type of material which is wood, the unique character of the buildings with a corner timbered-framework structure and their meaning for the cultural landscape.

Key words: corner timbered-framework construction, thermal performance improvement

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