Sylwia Szefler
Diagnosis and valorisation of natural values of rural areas based on the example of the Mełgiew as an element of the sustainability development process

   The aim of the article is to present a model research procedure in the field of recognizing and assessing the natural values of the commune as an example of landscape research carried out for the needs of spatial planning documents. The research was presented on the example of the Mełgiew commune. The basis of the research was to determine the manner of land development and assessment of selected environmental components. The valorization of natural values of soils and the environment on the basis of vegetation at the landscape level was carried out. The tested elements were assigned values resulting from the degree of their naturalness. The synthesis of the results of the research, obtained on the basis of the assessment of soils and vegetation cover, made it possible to calculate the average natural value of the entire commune. Valorisation of the natural value has allowed to determine the pace and directions of changes taking place in the landscape. The analysis of the results of such research is to enable forecasting of future processes regarding the commune’s environment and its neighborhood. The presented research process should be a standard of conduct at the level of local spatial planning in the field of valorisation of the natural environment, and thus the landscape.

Key words: Mełgiew commune, spatial planning, nature evaluation

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