2(6)/1999, p. 37

Józef Gierczak

Roman Catholic Church under the invocation of St. Albert in Sędziszów, Kielce province, Poland

    The church together with the chapel, has been erected according to the plan by architect Józef Gierczak. The consecration of this temple will take place at Christmas 1999. Compositional factors and ideological solutions include:
- the rising, graduation of the intensities (the entrance is situated in 'he low part of the church),
- the breaking of the nave's axis,
- the unconventional spatial arrangement of the nave (vide the placement of the high altar and the organ-loft),
- the spatial warrant of the triangle of  prayer union: the con­gregation - the priest - the organ loft,
- the material reflection of the idea of rising, which determi­nes the compositional inevitability of the church towers' asym­metry