2(6)/1999, p. 49

Janusz Rębielak

A competition project for the "Agora" S.A. quaters in Warsaw

    The project came into being in the design office of the Janusz Rębielak - Architecture-Building Firm organized, amongst other things, with the aim of practical realization of theoretical elaborations of its founder. After visiting the Agora S.A., looking over the terrain of the future quarters, making the decision to take part in the architectural com­petition with the intention of carrying out the presented construction idea, and the purchasing of the competition requirements, the author invited several persons to co-operate with him. The competition project, unfortunately, due to technical reasons, was not delivered on time to the office of the Agora S.A. in Warsaw. The competition tribunal decided, according to the competition rules, to exc1ude from the competitorial evaluation all works which were overdue. The project presented shows a proposition of using spatial structures in shaping the architectural form of objects of public service.