2(6)/1999, p. 63

Ada Kwiatkowska

"My home is my castle" - on the ethical dimension of architecture

    Architecture, in the meaning of a creative process, is an expression or defined ethical attitude of the architect; an attitude, which is revealed through making choices in the process of creation. Architecture, in the meaning of autonomous, real object, introduces to reality an ethical discussion between the object and the context.
    The fundamental ethical problems, relating to architecture and ex­pressing the dependence of quality of an architectural object on practical ethics of the architect (ethical code of the architect, seven deadly sins) and of spatial order in architecture on different systems of values (ethics of modernism and postmodernism) were defined. Valuation criteria of architecture, not connected with the author's intention and system of values hidden behind the spatial order of an object, were described. The proposed criteria make it possible to value the inner good and bad of an architectural object in itself(ethics as the banks of the river of pluralism).