2(6)/1999, p. 81

Jakub Stańda

Fidelity towards his Masters. In memory of Professor Władysław Wincze

    The fifth anniversary of the death of Professor Wincze elapsed in 1997. He was a man of exceptional individuality, not only artistic. The reminiscence about the Professor brings back to mind this eminent per­sonage of an interior decorator, furniture designer and pedagogue of the National Higher School of Arts, at present the Academy of Arts in Wro­cław.
    His most important projects of which he was the author or co-author are the interiors of two storey of the Wrocław House of Fashion, the study of Professor Ludwik Hirszfeld in the Institute of Immunology, se­veral cafes in Wrocław, the interior of the Rozmaitości Theatre (at pre­sent Współczesny), the polichromy of the Town Square and the Solt Squ­are, and also church alters.
    The Professor was a great personality. Evaluating his students Pro­fessor Wincze paid attention not only to their creativity but also to their knowledge and personal culture. He believed that art was above political convictions.