2(8)/2000, p. 89

Romuald Pustelnik
The concept of revalorization of degraded terrains in the centre of Wa³brzych

    Wa³brzych is an industrial town in which the 19th century period of industrialization decidedly inf1uenced the forming of the town centre. Tenements intermingle with outbuildings which per­formed the role of storehouses and back-up facilities for crafts and industry.
    At the turn of the 19th and 20th century, large industrial works arose al most in the centre of the town. Most often in their locali­zation there was no consideration for ecological or esthetic norms.
    After the Second World War, Wa³brzych was practically de­prived of investment possibilities especially in the town centre. The old buildings, both dwelling houses as well as industrial and services buildings, succumbed to decapitalization.
    The political system transformation in the country caused, amongst other things, the liquidation of non-profit hard co al mines and other industrial works which, in turn, led to structural unemployment.
    The revalorization concept being presented proposes invest­ment possibilities related to the services sector in the area of the main arterial road of the town. II is also an offer for investors. Together with the devolopment of new branches of industry, espe­cially in the Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone, there exists the probability of development of the hotel and catering business as well as conferences' bases.