2(8)/2000, p. 93

Ryszard Daczkowski, Ewa Łużyniecka
The concept of restructuring of the Rolling Stock Repair-Works terrains

    The social and economic changes initiated in Poland at the beggining of the 90. Have an important influence both on the functioning conditions of whole branches of industry as well as, on pies show that the most simple, widely applied solution, is their liqu­idation - the demolition of these objects which leads to an irreversible loss of often very valuable buildings and monuments to technique.
    The present paper is a proposition of restructuring of the terrain and objects of the Rolling Stock Repair-Works Wrocław S.A., which are in the process of being liquidated. The proposal is to transform the area of industrial constructions into a modern, multifunctional complex of urban constructions, at the same time ensuring the retaining of the most important historic and conse­rvation values of the existing buildings. It will be possible to evalu­ate the final verification of these assumptions not sooner than at the stage of realization of the investment which will verify the project proposals, confronting them with elements of strictly eco­nomic nature