Stanisław Medeksza
Marina el-Alamein. Investigations and conservation works in the season of the year 20003
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Beata Vogt
The Collegiate Church in Tum  near Łęczyca and the proportions which govern it19
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Hanna Kozaczewska-Golasz,  Ewa A. Kowal
Vaults of the Pompeo Ferrari church25

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Elżbieta Trocka-Leszczyńska
The wooden architecture of Norway39

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Ewa Łużyniecka
The search for optimal methods of rebuilding monuments in Lower Silesia53

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Grażyna Szumska-Józefiak
The protection of individual features of monumental architecture61

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Jacek ¦liwiński
The forming of bridges exemplified by river fords in Gdańsk65

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Romuald Pustelnik
Heritage and contemporary times in architecture. Creating the form of a services building in the centre of Wałbrzych71
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Bogusław Wowrzeczka
Directions of industrial plants’ conversion in the age of industrial restructuring79
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Jadwiga Sławińska, Barbara Widera
Trends in contemporary architecture. Problems with its separation89

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Barbara Widera
High-tech in architecture and clothing97

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Marcin Brzezicki
Intelligent building?

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Ada Kwiatkowska
The house in the virtual age of the 21st century

Paweł Kirschke
Architecture of the new generation department stores125

Aleksandra Lis
The insulating role of greenery accompanying heavily loaded town communication routes143

Beata Warczewska
Chosen problems related to habitation building in the communes around Wrocław149

Marcin Łobos
Weekend tourism in the region of Wrocław

Jerzy Olek
Enabling the impossible

Our Masters
Tadeusz Pomian Biesiekierski169

Kazimierz Ciechanowski
Hans Poelzig in Wrocław

I. Colquhoun, P.G. Fauset
Housing design in practice; Z. G±dek, Architecture of the place


100 years of architecture of Wrocław; Architects meeting the Millenium181


Habilitations and doctorates